thanks · 3353 days ago


Just wanted to thank everyone who helped out and attended the opening. Thanks to Joe boyle for his help with the six foot lightbox and helping out w/ all the booze. Thanks to Jason Snell for his help w/ the SD cards. Thanks to Marshall Beddoe for his help setting up. And thanks to Irene Mcgee and Cindy Burton for help with getting the word out.


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Please let me know if I’m missing a link, thanks again.

— acidjazz



progression · 3362 days ago

moving along

Things are looking good, most all of the artwork is just about done. Looks like everything should be good to go in time for the opening.

Jason Scott , director of the BBS: The Documentary will be flying out to help contribute to the show. Copies of the documentary will be available.

RaD Man the creator of the group ACiD will be present as well. He has compiled a DVD that has every ANSI made ever up until 2003, and a very nice viewer to go with it. Definitely saved me hours of work having to go through thousands of ANSI’s to choose the artists for the show.

Doug Moore, the owner of, a site that has indexed every ANSI made to this day will by flying up from Washington DC with his wife to help contribute and let people know about the newer version of his site that is going to have alot of features that willl make browsing / searching ANSI a lot easier.

The world famous Acid Girls will be flying up from LA to spin some sweet dance hall tunes during the show.

The lightboxes are basically done, ranging from 1 to 4 feet tall. I switched to pine for the backing to help with their weight, oak and plywood together was getting pretty heavy for something that large. I found smoother jewelry door hinges and added a sinking magnet fastener to help easily open and close them. I also mounted the fluorescents so that they were somewhat movable to help later tweak light distribution. For the staining I chose a pretty dark color so the wood wouldn’t clash with the lit up artwork that much. I apologize for the not so-unveiling crappy phone-camera pictures, you should be able to get a good view of them at the opening this saturday at 7PM.

The propeller proto boards are variousely mounted in frames made from planed construction lumber, coated with a custom blended wood stain, and then sealed with a polyeurathane finish. For a final touch we added a polish of an automotive rubbing compound. Some up and down buttons we mounted separately in the wood wiring from behind, and some right on the board. A big thanks goes out to ACCRC to help provide the LCD’s

So don’t forget, this saturday opening at 7PM. I mention free drinks?

— acidjazz



lcd scroller board · 3385 days ago

live scrolling ansi

for the lcd scrollers we wanted to avoid using a PC for each piece, since all we wanted was to scroll ansi. we decided to go with the Propeller Proto Board (thank you joe grand) using the P8X32A-Q44 propeller chip and 64KB of EEPROM

the scroller was written in parallax’s SPIN language using a VGA driver from the object exchange and an SD card driver. the boards had enough memory to store the functionality of scrolling (thanks to aempirei), but not enough room for the ansi itself, the font, and color mapping. so we attached an SD card (thank you asm) to store those.

our first finished scroller, complete with up and down buttons to scroll manually. we haven’t decided on the power source being a plug or a 9volt yet, however, using the SD card turned out well since we can swap the ansis out easily.

all that’s left is to decide on how we’re going to frame each one, maybe gut the LCD screens a bit so they’re thinner.

— acidjazz



lightbox take 1 · 3403 days ago

1st attempt on a prototype for the lightbox

the idea was to have an inset slit around the frame of the box for the acrylic sandwiched film to slide into, going in about a quarter inch. had the acrylic cut at tap plastics, clear 1/16th of an inch for the front and a foggy white 1/8th inch for the back. the prototype are just logos, small ones, while the finished ones will be scrollers averaging from 3-5 feet.

inset routing went pretty well for the 1st try, the blade in this old metir saw was pretty dull though so it burnt through the wood. gotta get a new blade.

glued and nailguned 3 of the pieces together, tested the acrylic, slides in pretty nicely. hinges worked pretty well, thought we’d make it easy to replace the bulbs if they ever went out

semi-finished product, still need to seal, sand, and then stain. the 2nd prototype i might try to inset the backing so i’m not exposing two different kinds of wood.

btw thanks Lord Scarlet for the entry on sixteen colors!

— acidjazz



prototype prints · 3403 days ago

one of the ideas i had to show this artwork correctly is to give it the same look it had back in the day, lit up. ANSI art was solely seen on CRT monitors scrolling at 80×25 column terminals. so i thought a lightbox would be a pretty close way to represent some of it.

i found a printing company local to me that will print large format in 6 color UV ink on universal back-lit film, used for rich color back-lit displays, like bus shelter ads. i had two logos printed out on them, and one canvas (just to see what it’d look like).

the smaller ones are printed on back-lit, large one on canvas. i definately did not ask for that excess border, gonna be fun cutting that off.

hard to tell but aempirei noticed i messed up on the column duplication blowing this one up for the print shop. still looks good far away, but i gotta remember to do exact multiples of the dimensions next time.

— acidjazz